JAIL ACTIVITY — For Friday, April 13



Brandon Jacob Green, 20, Louisville, carrying handgun without license

Hector Olaya Bonilla, 25, New Albany, neglect of dependent, battery, resisting law enforcement, public intoxication, disorderly conduct

Kiersten Marie Vorheis, 39, Clarksville, driving while intoxicated

Jeanette Ozuna, 24, Jeffersonville, warrant

Matthew Paul May, 38, Charlestown, warrant

Catherine Leigh Wacker, 45, Clarksville, warrant

Gregory Wayne Lee, 25, New Albany, warrant

Kasey Lynn Reid, 24, Clarksville, neglect of dependent, resisting law enforcement

Travis Bert Rice, 34, Scottsburg, possession of syringe, possession of paraphernalia, visiting a common nuisance

Jody Lawrence Noble, 46, Jeffersonville, dealing/manufacturing in methamphetamine, resisting law enforcement, maintaining a common nuisance, drugs, possession of paraphernalia, obstruction of justice

Scott Allen Smith, 25, Jeffersonville, warrant

Clara Mitchell Smith, 37, Jeffersonville, possession of cocaine of narcotic drug, possession of syringe, visiting a common nuisance, drugs

Robert Wayne Masters, 62, Charlestown, warrant

Devin Renee Durham, 39, Charlestown, warrant

Mark John Rowlett, 55, Branchville, warrant

Christopher Ryan Proctor, 34, New Albany, hold for Floyd County

James Dylan Nichols, 26, Charlestown, warrant

William R. Black, 79, New Albany, hold for Floyd County

Tony Dewayne McGhee, 47, Jeffersonville, warrant

Jeffrey Edward Pfannmoeller, 42, Jeffersonville, warrant, possession of synthetic drug/synthetic drug look-a-like substance

Ariana Renee Boyd, 19, Jeffersonville, carry handgun without license


Andres Tomas Alvarez Hernandez, 46, Louisville, warrant

Jeffery Todd Tinsley, 52, Bloomfield, KY, intimidation

Darin Alan Newman, 40, New Albany, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish or spice, possession of paraphernalia

Joshua Charles Simanek, 36, Jeffersonville, neglect of dependent, domestic battery



Anthony D. Sneed, 43, Louisville, failure to appear, prior conviction for conversion

Dana M. Robards, 35, Louisville, failure to appear, auto theft

Cody A. Brackett, 25, Louisville, failure to appear, unlawful possession of syringe

Dawn R. Shofner, 33, Campbellsville, KY., failure to appear, theft, failure to appear, possession of methamphetamine

Zachory T. Kesinger, 26, Louisville, failure to appear, burglary, failure to appear, resisting law enforcement, failure to appear, theft

Michael G. Parker, 42, Paoli, violation of parole, possession of methamphetamine

McInsey R. Dobbins, 27, Milltown, habitual traffic violation

Staci L. Ulery, 48, New Albany, driving while intoxicated

Rebecca J. White, 52, Georgetown, battery, intimidation

Daniel P. Harvey, 38, Louisville, needs to sign waiver for Jefferson County, KY

Christopher R. Proctor, 34, New Albany, violation of parole, dealing in a Schedule II

Anthony M. Melton, 27, New Albany, failure to appear, identity deception, failure to appear, driving while suspended with prior, failure to appear, domestic battery

William R. Black, 79, New Albany, failure to appear, driving while suspended with prior

Timothy M. Belviy, 48, no address listed, failure to appear, false informing

Justin M. Barger, 26, no address listed, violation of parole, possession of methamphetamine, violation of parole, unlawful possession of syringe



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