Homes and foster homes needed for cats and dogs

Many pets at the Humane Society for Boone County need loving homes, both temporary and forever.

Christy Brubaker, a HSforBC board member in charge of the dog foster program, said there are needs for fostering both cats and dogs. However, due to the higher time commitment for dogs, families willing to take in dogs is currently in higher demand.

About nine dogs, six cats and a litter of baby kittens are currently at the shelter, according to the HSforBC website. Even more adoptable pets are living in foster care awaiting forever homes.

Brubaker said foster care is a priority for the shelter because housing the pets with loving families helps them have a better quality of life.

“Our goal is to have them in a home,” she said. “It is better for the animal and we can work with them on behavior and get to know their personality.”

As quite a few of the pets come to the shelter after being abandoned or abused, placing the animals in foster care also helps the animals heal and learn to trust again. Brubaker and other board members typically take in the animals that need the most work.

“If you are an animal lover who wants to do something but can’t make a big financial commitment, this is for you,” Brubaker said. “We just need someone who can love the cats and love the dogs and show these animals that people aren’t all bad.”

Since HSforBC provides food and pays for any health expenses, the only thing foster families need to have is time to care for the animal, the ability to transport it to vet appointments or adoption events, and a safe place for the animal to live. Foster parents should also either own their own home or have permission from their landlord to keep pets.

Aside from money, Brubaker, who has been fostering dogs for about 10 years, said people are often concerned about getting too attached to the animals. But love is exactly what these animals need, she added.

“You do get attached, but you should get attached,” Brubaker said. “My goal is work with the dogs and make them a good pet for someone. When I am able to do that, it makes me feel accomplished; if you can help that animal, you can help 100 animals.”

Inquires about becoming a foster parent or about adoption may be made by calling 877-473-6722, emailing to or through a contact form at

Aside from needing foster pet families, Brubaker said the shelter is also in need of supplies. Some of the greatest needs are puppy pee pads and diapers that will fit a small dog.

She said financial contributions are also welcome, especially now, as three dogs currently in their care are requiring significant veterinary care.

Brubaker said pet owners should also be aware that HSforBC has resources for them, including information on spay and neuter clinics and a pet food pantry.

The shelter is at 5366 S. Indianapolis Road, Whitestown. Visitors are advised to call before stopping by as there are no set hours.

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