Who Is To Blame Here?

The college baseball regular season is winding down and things are heating up as we get closer to conference tourney time. Emotions are high, strike zones are getting tighter, and the balls are flying just a little bit farther with the warmer weather.
In Big10 action, Nebraska and Indiana were battling in game one of their 3 game set when Angelo Altavilla went ya ya to secure the W for the Huskers.
That catcher got up REAL quick. Sure the hitter admired his work but I said it when Jose Bautista took Sam Dyson deep. If you do not want to give up pimp jobs, don’t throw the ball down the middle of the plate. The catcher set up outside, and the pitcher laid a fastball in any lefties sweet spot. You deserve to look bad. It blows my mind how often pitchers miss their locations. As a former D3 stud at SUNY Brockport, my last 100+ pitches were all fastballs, and each one painted the black and hit catchers glove.
So who is the bad guy here? Darin Erstad for pulling his hitter for admiring his shot? Angelo Altavilla for admiring his work? Or some scrub pitcher who can’t hit his spot?
And for all you Buffalo Bisons fans, here is one of the all time pimp jobs….


Source: https://wolfsdensports.wordpress.com/go/ncaa/who-is-to-blame-here/