Airport asks Griffith to become partner in operations

The owner of the Griffith/Merrillville Airport wants Griffith to become a partner.

Airport owner Paul Goldsmith and its director and vice president of Griffith Aviation, Craig Anderson, discussed a potential partnership with the Town Council at its Tuesday meeting. Anderson said new regulations have all but dried up any funds it had been getting from the state and Federal Aviation Administration.

“The main issue we’ve had over the last three, three and a half years is that the Federal Aviation Administration has been slowly cutting off funding to our improvements fund. This year, all the funding was completely cut off,” Anderson said. “Now, the FAA has been pushing for us to look for a municipal sponsorship.”

The council voted 5-0 to enter into a services contract with Indianapolis law firm Norris Choplin & Schroeder, which specializes in aviation, because the town “is not well-versed in that kind of business,” Council Vice President Larry Ballah, R-2nd, said.