Lead pipe replaced in front of Syracuse theater

SYRACUSE — Public Works Superintendent Rob Merchant reported to the Syracuse Town Council Tuesday night that he ran into some unexpected difficulties with a project downtown resulting in a water line break in front of the theater.

“One of those deals that should have been fairly simple, but it is in an older part of town,” Merchant said, adding that the good that come from the unexpected line is that the theater now is metered and it wasn’t before and they removed the lead pipes that broke.

He said this year they’ve found six service lines had lead and they remove and replace as they find them as no records were kept as to the locations of those old lines.


Hardy also told the council that applications for Community Crossings funds will be open Aug. 6 and due by Sept. 28. Last year the town of Syracuse received $300,000, according to Hardy. He explained there are some changes this year in that a municipality can only receive one award a year but there will be two application cycles so if they don’t receive an award the first time they can reapply. There has been no change to the match program — the town would pay 25 percent and the grant would cover 75 percent.

He said the work that needs to be done on Harkless Road from East Pickwick to Chicago includes a new storm sewer, curbing, sidewalk and road is estimated to cost $1.9 million of which the town would pay approximately $891,000 if they received the grant.

Council member Tom Hoover wanted to know what would happen if they didn’t receive the funding.

DeJulia said, “I’d hate to put a Band-Aid on it,” but said they could try adding asphalt on the existing road to stem some flooding and other issues for a short time.

Clerk-Treasurer Paula Kehr-Wicker said the town had its portion of the funding available from several sources, but council members decided to hold off on the decision as there are several big projects that need to be done in town.


Town Manager Henry DeJulia reported on a recent meeting to discuss the issues at the dam at Crosson Mill Park.

He said there were about 15 attendees and they had a lengthy discussion with the conclusion of asking the council to approve having Lawson-Fisher do design work for a flood control structure.

The total cost of design work and preliminary engineering is $76,600 with the first phase of design work at a cost of $39,600.

The council approved the request.


A new traffic and parking ordinance, approved by the council, prohibits parking on the north side of East Pearl Street, except when facing west.

On the north side of East Washington Street, parking is allowed only on the south side from North Harrison Street to Long Drive with parked vehicles facing east.

In other business, council members:

• Heard Parks Program Director Tyler McLead has left Syracuse Parks Department to take a position in Goshen and the search for his replacement is ongoing.

• Heard Turkey Creek Fire Department, as well as three other surrounding fire departments, received stabilization equipment from ParaTech free from the K21 Foundation and members have been trained to use the equipment.

• Approved the purchase of an additional scum pump for the wastewater department at a cost of $3,222.90.

• Heard the new restroom facility at the beach is ongoing and hopefully will be completed by Memorial Day weekend.

• Heard that lifeguards will start work at the beach on Memorial Day weekend.

Source: http://www.goshennews.com/news/local_news/lead-pipe-replaced-in-front-of-syracuse-theater/article_fca94822-952a-512c-96bd-5e829b3e8bf1.html